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The Howl, a heavy metal band from northern Finland. Formed in 1998 by Hannu Lindholm (guitar&vocals), Timo Lindholm (drums) and Ari Ojanperä (bass), three dudes who enjoy playing metal without taking it too seriously, but still seriously enough to make The Howl sound brutal and seamless. The Howl's music is a fine combination of death & thrash metal, punk and good old rock'n'roll. Over the years The Howl has released a bunch of EP's and full length albums, all self financed except one. Despite the fact that The Howl is not the trendiest or sexiest metal band out there, it didn't stop The Howl from winning the Finnish Wacken metal battle in 2008. Enough bs, we suggest you go to the music section and find out what The Howl is all about.
The Howl 2015
(left to right Ari Ojanperä:Bass Timo Lindholm:drums Hannu Lindholm:guitar&voc)